Jordy McTaggarts Grill and Pub 

I will be performing on the patio of Jordy McTaggart's on Frday July 22nd, August 12th and 19th from 6-8:30p.m I am in love with Columbus. I am going to move here as soon as its feasible. The people are so artsy and unassuming. The city, beautiful, the countryside, stunning. You will be seeing a lot more of me in this city, I guarantee it.

Street performing in Columbus, IN. 

I commenced street performing in downtown Columbus Indiana. I had missed the romance of schlepping out the marine battery and the inverter, setting up my sound system and just jamming like a teenager. It was so awesome that I'm going to do it through the summer and possibly fall. I'll be outside Puccinis Smiling Teeth Pizza and Pasta on the corner of Fourth and Washington St. next Saturday July 16th. Stop by hang for a time with me.

Indiana Grand Casino Performances 

In a wonderful re-invigorated relationship with Indiana Grand Casino I will be performing at their steakhouse (Center Cut steakhouse) the first and last Saturday of every month through December of this year. Performance times are 7-10p.m. See you there.

liming on the patio with Colin suspended. 

'Liming on the patio with Colin' has been suspended pending further notice. I will still be performing there from time to time and will post those dates.

Liming with Colin on the Patio 

To lime is the Trinidadian version of the American saying 'hanging out'. I am going to be experimenting this Saturday with performing Saturdays at Le Petit Lounge. Come on down and enjoy the aura of laughter, peace and love....sorta like in the days of old!

Performances at Le Petit Lounge 

Hi Gentle Folk. I have commenced performances at Le Petit Lounge at 412 Washington St. Columbus, Indiana Performance times are every Friday from circa 4:30p.m to 10p.m depending on the activity.....its been hot so far, I only expect it to get hotter Come on down and dance on the patio with me. Dine on fine Caribbean cuisine indoors, or just have a drink or two and feel the love. It is so awesome to be collaborating with my fellow Trinidadian Rawle Douglas in this new happening on Washington St. Seeā€¦

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Hoosier Park Performances 

I have been performing Saturdays in August 2015 from 8-11p.m at the center bar of Hoosier Park Casino. We are discussing making this a bi-monthly event. This is my favorite gig for audience participation. Stop by, sing a song, dance with your partner....dance alone, contemplate the joy of living. All this is welcome and I love it!

Canal performances 

I have begun to perform on the street again at the Canal downtown Indianapolis. My 'spot' is near the paddle boat rentals off of Ohio St. I will be performing there Saturdays when the weather is good and I'm not booked somewhere else. It is so awesome that the authorities have given me their blessing, even the police drop by from time to time to say 'hey'. Stay tuned to the calendar to see when I'll be down. Cheers.

Guest book 

I love all the positive feedback I get in my guestbook. If, however, you are looking for a speedy response from me it would be much faster to send me an e-mail.....or dare I say, a call on the phone perhaps? Ha, how 90's of me!