The passing of my mentor

On February 24th my Dear friend and mentor/brother in spirit, Dennis Gomes passed from this world. It has taken me three months to write about him for it touched me deeply. As many of my friends know I had a near death experience when I was 24 years old and returned to this world rejoicing that death as we know it on this planet actually doesn't exist. I don't need to go into any of that here but I often conversed with Dennis on these 'spirit matters' and I often told him I would be there on the other side to welcome him when his time came. Little did I know he would be the one making the trip before me. Very soon after his passing I started seeing signs of his being around Wendy and I and we talk to him all the time as do many of the people he was close to. Death. Its a shame the West has not adopted some of the views of the ancient traditions when it comes to this not so little matter. And even with masses of data compiled by so many people in all walks of life about a vibrant, unimaginably beautiful life experience after the demise of the physical vehicle there is still so much taboo surrounding 'death' that its really quite sad. I wrote a song 'in the arms of love' one night at the behest of Dennis. It was meant to comfort a little girls family who was facing her imminent passing from the dreaded disease of our time,cancer. In the second verse I wrote, 'I hear your prayer and I am here. Every single soul is safe within my love. So don't you weep, hush go to sleep. Lean on me and I will take away your pain my love'. This was the feeling I had when I 'passed'. Like there is this being whose love we cannot even begin to fathom. We are an itegral part of this being and CANNOT be separated. Nor can we suddenly cease to exist! EVERYTHING is alright. Right now! Dennis is a little closer to this being now than I am.....even in the body he was closer since his level of love and forgivness far exceeded mine! I miss him dearly but I see him in my dreams and I hear his voice guiding me every so often. He may have laid down the body but he is bigger, more vibrant and every bit as alive to me as when he was walking the floor of Resorts Casino. I love you Brother Dennis and I will continue to let love sing through my violin at Resorts and on this planet as long as my time allows. And I so look foward to seeing you again. I wish you peace Gentle Brother and child of God.

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