Indiana Move

Hi folks. Its been a while since I updated this site and lots has traspired. In June 2008 I accepted an offer to perform at Indiana Live Casino in Shelbyville, Indiana and Wendy and I have been here since. They keep renewing our contract and we have developed a great working relationship with the powers that be for the organisation. We have hit it off so well that the owner had one of the premier violin makers in the country, John Importuno, build me a violin to my specifications. It is in the finishing stages and I will have pictures on the site as soon as I take posession of the 'Proteus'. I have built up quite a following out here and the crowds keep getting bigger. We have been playing at a temporary facility and will make the move to the permanent structure in March of next year. It is a very exciting time for Wendy and myself and I want to thank all my fans for all your support over the years. Stay tuned for more news soon.

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