Dr. Skubick's Triumph

Alright gentle souls, time to introduce you to the 'miracle worker' Dr.Daniel Skubick. As I reported back in April Dr.Skubick started treating my neck and upper back with lidocaine injections...not for the faint of heart but an absolute must if you are diagnosed with the complications I had. A less aggresive method would've been lots of stretching excercises. It would have taken much longer....and I like aggresive methods to take care of business! Hence the injections. The day after the first injections a huge knot under my left shoulder blade completely disappeared. Three weeks later after that first session of injections my hands were brand new. On my last visit to the Neurologic Group of Bucks/Montgomery County I also had a visit with an associate of Dr.Skubick, Dr.Craine, a chiroprator who showed me myriad excercises to keep my performing muscles limber. I call Dr.Skubick the miracle worker because he diagnosed my problem in 30 seconds and fixed a 6 year problem in four weeks. In the mid-west they diagnosed me with carpal tunnel syndrom, did the surgery.....and acheived NOTHING! Its nice to see there are doctors out there with the expertise and integrity to really get to the root of a patient's problem. The first doctor actually had the gall to tell my wife after carpal tunnel surgery that I could expect a really good result. If you have pain in your neck, shoulders, upper back, arms or hands. If you are a musician or perform repetitive tasks and are experiencing pain, you need to see Dr.Skubick. I believe he is one of Gods angels. Stay tuned for pictures from my sessions. Peace.

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