Devil was devilish

Thanks for all your support my dear fans. I performed 'Devil Went Down to Georgia' at Hoosier Park and it was a resounding success. One never knows how a new piece of music is going to be received. I actually thought I'd perform it as my last number then a woman came down out of the balcony and said some friends had bet against her that I couldn't play it. At that point i had no choice but to announce over the mike that some people were about to lose a bet. When I jumped into it, Johnny Cash part and all the whole place went nuts. I think everyone in the steak house new the words. It was the awesomest feeling to have a standing ovation at the end of the song when a part of me had felt I'd get booed off the stage 'fer sur'. Get er done!! Keep you posted on my next performance. Peace y'all.

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