Back in the Corn!

My wife Wendy, my brand new daughter, Aileena and I moved back to Indiana in August of 2013......Yes its taken me this long to report. After leaving Resorts in March of 2013 we though we'd come back to a place that is a little easier on the wallet and somewhat more musician friendly. I have done quite a few gigs for Hoosier Park Casino and I'm starting to build up clients. I have been performing at 'A Tour of Italy' restaurant in Shelbyville on most Fridays and sometimes Saturdays over the past few months. I approached City Market and the Indianapolis Arts Council and am 'street performing' at City Market and on the Canal. Its been a blast. I've really missed the interaction on the street. See you out there some time this summer. Will be uploading some pictures of baby Aileena soon. She looks a lot like her mother and I'm sure you're happy to hear that! Peace my Brothers and Sisters.

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