Back Home In Jersey

In August 2010 I received a call from my 'Brother From Another Mother' Dennis Gomes who blessed me with the news he'd just purchased Resorts Casino in Atlantic City and wanted me to move back and perform in the lobby. I jumped at the opportunity. I recalled the energy present at Dennis' project at the Tropicana Casino, the Quarter and thought of what I could bring to this new establishment that had suffered a few years of dismal management. As usual Dennis gave me free reign and promised to allow me to do exactly what I wanted with the music. My wife, ever the trooper, agreed to move one last time and so on December 3rd we found ourselves back in Jersey ready to 'throw down' at Resorts. I commenced performing on December 7th and have been having a blast five days a week, from Wednesday through sunday, 12 to 4p.m. I started having problems with my hands again in February and found a neurologist recently who started treating me for the badly knotted muscles in my upper back and neck....years of playing the violin and pumping iron without enough stretching. A series of injections with lidocaine starting yesterday in those muscles and today I feel like a pin cushion but the right side of my upper back is less 'knotty'. Will keep you all informed. Talk to you soon. Peace

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