Thank you for visiting my website. I performed in the Boston area for from 1989 to 2004. I have played everything from weddings, to parties, corporate functions and studio sessions. I copyrighted my first composition, 'In the Arms of Love' which can be heard on my c.d 'Endless Love' in 2005. In November 2004 I was contracted to play at the Tropicana Casino and Resort in Atlantic City, N.J where I performed up until June 2006. In September 2005 my wife and I formerly made the move to New Jersey. In 2008 I commenced performances for Indiana Live Casino just outside Indianapolis Indiana. In 2009-2010 I also performed for Hoosier Park, Belterra Casino and Majestic Star casinos. My wife and I moved back to New Jersey at the end of 2010 to take up post as resident violinist at Resorts Casino under new ownership. In August of 2013 we made our way back to Indiana where we are presently. I play a blend of modern,pop,ballads,reggae and new age music. Much of my repertoire is comprised of music not commonly, if at all, performed on the violin. I believe that the violin possesses a magical quality that heightens the senses and stirs the soul. A carefully chosen selection of music can set the mood and make any engagement a memorable experience. My goal is to provide such music and create that special ambience. To better serve that special feel I play an instrument custom made for me by the famed John Importuno of Florida, U.S. It is an acoustic as well as electric violin and has a soulful sound perfectly capable of bringing to life every genre of music from classical to reggae. In conjunction with this exquisite instrument I have put together a sound system which with all the orchestral back ups in digital format provides what I believe to be an experience akin to being at a multi person live performance. I humbly request permission to delight your guests. You will not be disappointed.