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Colin G. Matthews: News

Jordy McTaggarts Grill and Pub - July 18, 2016

I will be performing on the patio of Jordy McTaggart's on Frday July 22nd, August 12th and 19th from 6-8:30p.m

I am in love with Columbus. I am going to move here as soon as its feasible. The people are so artsy and unassuming. The city, beautiful, the countryside, stunning.

You will be seeing a lot more of me in this city, I guarantee it.

Street performing in Columbus, IN. - July 10, 2016

I commenced street performing in downtown Columbus Indiana. I had missed the romance of schlepping out the marine battery and the inverter, setting up my sound system and just jamming like a teenager.

It was so awesome that I'm going to do it through the summer and possibly fall.

I'll be outside Puccinis Smiling Teeth Pizza and Pasta on the corner of Fourth and Washington St. next Saturday July 16th. Stop by hang for a time with me.

Indiana Grand Casino Performances - June 29, 2016

In a wonderful re-invigorated relationship with Indiana Grand Casino I will be performing at their steakhouse (Center Cut steakhouse) the first and last Saturday of every month through December of this year. Performance times are 7-10p.m. See you there.

liming on the patio with Colin suspended. - June 29, 2016

'Liming on the patio with Colin' has been suspended pending further notice. I will still be performing there from time to time and will post those dates.

Liming with Colin on the Patio - June 9, 2016

To lime is the Trinidadian version of the American saying 'hanging out'. I am going to be experimenting this Saturday with performing Saturdays at Le Petit Lounge. Come on down and enjoy the aura of laughter, peace and love....sorta like in the days of old!

Performances at Le Petit Lounge - June 6, 2016

Hi Gentle Folk. I have commenced performances at Le Petit Lounge at 412 Washington St. Columbus, Indiana.

Performance times are every Friday from circa 4:30p.m to 10p.m depending on the activity.....its been hot so far, I only expect it to get hotter!

Come on down and dance on the patio with me. Dine on fine Caribbean cuisine indoors, or just have a drink or two and feel the love. It is so awesome to be collaborating with my fellow Trinidadian Rawle Douglas in this new happening on Washington St.

See you there.

Hoosier Park Performances - August 22, 2015

I have been performing Saturdays in August 2015 from 8-11p.m at the center bar of Hoosier Park Casino. We are discussing making this a bi-monthly event.

This is my favorite gig for audience participation. Stop by, sing a song, dance with your alone, contemplate the joy of living. All this is welcome and I love it!

Canal performances - July 15, 2015

I have begun to perform on the street again at the Canal downtown Indianapolis. My 'spot' is near the paddle boat rentals off of Ohio St.

I will be performing there Saturdays when the weather is good and I'm not booked somewhere else.

It is so awesome that the authorities have given me their blessing, even the police drop by from time to time to say 'hey'.

Stay tuned to the calendar to see when I'll be down. Cheers.

Guest book - June 25, 2015

I love all the positive feedback I get in my guestbook. If, however, you are looking for a speedy response from me it would be much faster to send me an e-mail.....or dare I say, a call on the phone perhaps? Ha, how 90's of me!

Viruses - June 25, 2015

Due to the high volume of viruses sub-human individuals have been sending me I ask that if you send me an e-mail please state something in the headline box. If the subject line says 'no subject' I will probably not open it. Thanks for all your support over the years folks.

Hit at the Bar - May 19, 2015

Performing at he bar of Hoosier Park, Anderson had turned out to be a real hit. Doing the 8-11p.m time slot makes more sense since this is the 'hot' time at the machines and the bar. I haven't seen so many people singing along and dancing since, well, I can't remember so many people having a good time while I'm performing.

Thanks again folks and thanks to Hoosier Park for having me. See you all on the 23rd and 30th.

Hoosier Park Performances - May 14, 2015

I will be performing at Hoosier Park Racing and Casino, Anderson, on all Saturdays in May from 8-11 p.m

I will be in the bar area jamming. Come sing a song, pay tribute to your loved one or just dance till you drop! Did I mentions we WILL be jammin' Man?! See y'all there. Peace

All about dat bass Marn - October 2, 2014

I've started dabbling in modern music again. Two songs of note I think are really cool are 'All About that Bass' by Meghan Trainor. Its so cool her uncle is from my country and she grew up in Nantucket where I spent my honeymoon.
The other is 'Happy' by Pharrell Williams which is really infectious. I perform them both now and the crowds love them.

Back in the Corn! - August 4, 2014

My wife Wendy, my brand new daughter, Aileena and I moved back to Indiana in August of 2013......Yes its taken me this long to report.

After leaving Resorts in March of 2013 we though we'd come back to a place that is a little easier on the wallet and somewhat more musician friendly.

I have done quite a few gigs for Hoosier Park Casino and I'm starting to build up clients.

I have been performing at 'A Tour of Italy' restaurant in Shelbyville on most Fridays and sometimes Saturdays over the past few months.

I approached City Market and the Indianapolis Arts Council and am 'street performing' at City Market and on the Canal. Its been a blast. I've really missed the interaction on the street.

See you out there some time this summer. Will be uploading some pictures of baby Aileena soon. She looks a lot like her mother and I'm sure you're happy to hear that! Peace my Brothers and Sisters.

The passing of my mentor - May 7, 2012

On February 24th my Dear friend and mentor/brother in spirit, Dennis Gomes passed from this world. It has taken me three months to write about him for it touched me deeply.

As many of my friends know I had a near death experience when I was 24 years old and returned to this world rejoicing that death as we know it on this planet actually doesn't exist. I don't need to go into any of that here but I often conversed with Dennis on these 'spirit matters' and I often told him I would be there on the other side to welcome him when his time came.

Little did I know he would be the one making the trip before me.

Very soon after his passing I started seeing signs of his being around Wendy and I and we talk to him all the time as do many of the people he was close to.

Death. Its a shame the West has not adopted some of the views of the ancient traditions when it comes to this not so little matter. And even with masses of data compiled by so many people in all walks of life about a vibrant, unimaginably beautiful life experience after the demise of the physical vehicle there is still so much taboo surrounding 'death' that its really quite sad.

I wrote a song 'in the arms of love' one night at the behest of Dennis. It was meant to comfort a little girls family who was facing her imminent passing from the dreaded disease of our time,cancer. In the second verse I wrote, 'I hear your prayer and I am here. Every single soul is safe within my love. So don't you weep, hush go to sleep. Lean on me and I will take away your pain my love'.

This was the feeling I had when I 'passed'. Like there is this being whose love we cannot even begin to fathom. We are an itegral part of this being and CANNOT be separated. Nor can we suddenly cease to exist! EVERYTHING is alright. Right now!

Dennis is a little closer to this being now than I am.....even in the body he was closer since his level of love and forgivness far exceeded mine!

I miss him dearly but I see him in my dreams and I hear his voice guiding me every so often. He may have laid down the body but he is bigger, more vibrant and every bit as alive to me as when he was walking the floor of Resorts Casino.

I love you Brother Dennis and I will continue to let love sing through my violin at Resorts and on this planet as long as my time allows. And I so look foward to seeing you again. I wish you peace Gentle Brother and child of God.

All love songs c.d - March 19, 2012

Just before Valentines Day this year I released "Our Sweetest Love Songs" which is a collection of some of my favorite songs from all my c.d's.

I re-recorded most of the tracks and remastered everything to get the balance just right. Hope you enjoy it.

Boardwalk transmission - June 23, 2011

My perfoormances are now being tranmitted to the outdoor speakers of Resorts Casino directly on the boardwalk. The response has been the largest I have seen in my 22 years of public entertaing. Hope to see you there some time soon. Peace.

new spot at Resorts - June 18, 2011

On June 10th I commenced performances at Reosorts Casino outside Breadsticks Restaurant on the boardwalk side of the casino. I am performing Wednesday through Sunday from 12 to 4p.m. See you there

Dr. Skubick's Triumph - June 17, 2011

Alright gentle souls, time to introduce you to the 'miracle worker' Dr.Daniel Skubick.

As I reported back in April Dr.Skubick started treating my neck and upper back with lidocaine injections...not for the faint of heart but an absolute must if you are diagnosed with the complications I had. A less aggresive method would've been lots of stretching excercises. It would have taken much longer....and I like aggresive methods to take care of business! Hence the injections.

The day after the first injections a huge knot under my left shoulder blade completely disappeared.

Three weeks later after that first session of injections my hands were brand new.
On my last visit to the Neurologic Group of Bucks/Montgomery County I also had a visit with an associate of Dr.Skubick, Dr.Craine, a chiroprator who showed me myriad excercises to keep my performing muscles limber.

I call Dr.Skubick the miracle worker because he diagnosed my problem in 30 seconds and fixed a 6 year problem in four weeks. In the mid-west they diagnosed me with carpal tunnel syndrom, did the surgery.....and acheived NOTHING!

Its nice to see there are doctors out there with the expertise and integrity
to really get to the root of a patient's problem. The first doctor actually had the gall to tell my wife after carpal tunnel surgery that I could expect a really good result.

If you have pain in your neck, shoulders, upper back, arms or hands. If you are a musician or perform repetitive tasks and are experiencing pain, you need to see Dr.Skubick. I believe he is one of Gods angels. Stay tuned for pictures from my sessions. Peace.

Back Home In Jersey - April 7, 2011

In August 2010 I received a call from my 'Brother From Another Mother' Dennis Gomes who blessed me with the news he'd just purchased Resorts Casino in Atlantic City and wanted me to move back and perform in the lobby.

I jumped at the opportunity. I recalled the energy present at Dennis' project at the Tropicana Casino, the Quarter and thought of what I could bring to this new establishment that had suffered a few years of dismal management.

As usual Dennis gave me free reign and promised to allow me to do exactly what I wanted with the music.

My wife, ever the trooper, agreed to move one last time and so on December 3rd we found ourselves back in Jersey ready to 'throw down' at Resorts.

I commenced performing on December 7th and have been having a blast five days a week, from Wednesday through sunday, 12 to 4p.m.

I started having problems with my hands again in February and found a neurologist recently who started treating me for the badly knotted muscles in my upper back and neck....years of playing the violin and pumping iron without enough stretching.

A series of injections with lidocaine starting yesterday in those muscles and today I feel like a pin cushion but the right side of my upper back is less 'knotty'. Will keep you all informed. Talk to you soon. Peace

Majestic Success - June 2, 2010

So Wendy and I travelled to Gary, Indiana where we performed for the invited guests of the Majestic Star Casino, Friday, Saturday and Sunday of memorial weekend. It was a resounding success as no one had ever seen a violinist playing this kind of music. People danced, got down and sang along to the music and the Jackson 5 songs were massive hits. Thanks to the folks at Majestic for treating us like royalty.We hope to see you guys again soon. Peace and love.

Majestic Star Casino - May 22, 2010

I am spreading my wings heading to the northern territories. On May 28th,29th and 30th I will be a Majestic Star Casino in Gary Indiana from 6-9p.m.
Stop by and say Hi as I bring Michael Jackson's music to his home town in a way I'm sure they've never heard....on the violin. Hope to see you there. Love and Peace

Devil was devilish - April 27, 2010

Thanks for all your support my dear fans.
I performed 'Devil Went Down to Georgia' at Hoosier Park and it was a resounding success.
One never knows how a new piece of music is going to be received.
I actually thought I'd perform it as my last number then a woman came down out of the balcony and said some friends had bet against her that I couldn't play it. At that point i had no choice but to announce over the mike that some people were about to lose a bet.
When I jumped into it, Johnny Cash part and all the whole place went nuts. I think everyone in the steak house new the words. It was the awesomest feeling to have a standing ovation at the end of the song when a part of me had felt I'd get booed off the stage 'fer sur'.
Get er done!!
Keep you posted on my next performance. Peace y'all.

Hoosier Park Performance - April 21, 2010

Sorry for the late entry here gentle friends but I only got the call this evening. I will be at Hoosier Park casino this
Saturday on the terrace from 7 to 10p.m.
I'll be debuting 'Devil Went down to Georgia'. Don't know if I can pull it off but come see for yourselves. See you there.

Devil Went down to Georgia - April 21, 2010

Awright my mid western friends. I've finally thrown in the towel and learned Devil Went Down to Gergia. I'll perform live at my next gig.

It's unfortunate that alot of my performances are 'invited guests only' but I have been performing alot at Hoosier Park casino in Anderson which is open to the public. Will let you know when I'll be there next.
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