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Colin G. Matthews: Music

Back In Time With Colin

(Colin G. Matthews)
July 4, 2016
over an hour of music of some of my favorites of yesteryear.

Our Sweetest Love Songs

(Colin G. Matthews)
November 19, 2012

Colin G. Matthews Play Bob Marley

(Colin G. Matthews)
January, 2008
A cd of Bob Marley's greatest hits. Possibly the first time this music has been played on the violin.

Endless Love

(Colin G. Matthews)
Endless Love:
A collection of love songs with a few up tempo pieces thrown in for fun.

Merry Little Christmas

(Colin G. Matthews)
October 22, 2005
Merry Little Christmas:
A collection of traditional Christmas music with my own arrangements.

Songs For The Soul

(Colin G. Matthews)
Songs for the Soul:
A classical c.d. It is all very mellow meditative music by Bach, Rachmaninoff, Vivaldi and a few others.